People, whether in the form of a portrait or a study of the human figure, are drawn and painted in atmospheric and sometimes surreal settings. Studies of character as well as form evince the observed timeless nature of human lives and the culture within which they are expressed.

I'm grateful to Tish Miller for her extraordinary Studio Sweep annual art bazaar, bringing artists together with collectors and homemakers. These drawings were made for the year end 2017 event. Other drawings were at family and friend gatherings. I look forward to the drawing opportunities events such as these offer me. I love when a drawing goes precisely where it should go. The life drawings do this. They're like maps of a landscape, a natural growth, a person. They're not merely moments in time, but are spans of time in which I lived with this person and explored the mutual landscape we shared. It was nice to share this with you. (Graphite on Paper)

These are portraits of young mothers at various stages of early motherhood. This collection of drawings includes Randi with her mare Sissy, in which both mothers were pregnant at the same time. This was a double commission, created from many on-site life drawings of both Randi and Sissy. These drawings reveal reality--or the myths of reality that make the world what we imagine it to be-in two essential and pragmatic stories. The stories are about the feminine in each of us, but at another level they are about my greater thoughts regarding the world, existence, and all. Enjoy. (Graphite on Paper)

Of particular note in this collection is the triptych of the artist, the artist's partner, and the artist's model. These three canvases are fairly large, but make a handsome set. Some of these pieces date to the artist's undergraduate studies, with a few having been painted before Lacey sought proper art instruction. (Oil on Canvas)

This is a collection of sketches of friends, relatives, and private models whose countenance the artist found admirable. (Graphite, Charcoal on Paper)

Fairly straight forward with few frills, this collection of life drawings report on the intuitive and immediate response of the artist to his model and her setting. Somewhat traditional, these drawings reflect the long history of drawing from live models to which every artist worth his or her salt eventually succumbs. (Graphite, Charcoal, Ink on Paper)

The human form is fluid and dynamic, as is nature, in a larger uncoordinated background that, if examined closely enough, or through the use of the proper mathematics, is formed by static, interconnected frames upon which the dance of life takes place. Emergent interactions create life in this larger matrix of directed line, dot, and plane. These studies follow this interplay that is never itself quite as static as the natural laws used to describe them. (Graphite, Charcoal on Paper)

On the other side of simple observation we find altered states of interpretive drawing. These surreal environments, made so by something recognizable being not quite right, are drawn from life, combining real aspects of living models with impulsive quirks of a mind unhinged. (Graphite, Charcoal, Oil Pastel, and Shoe Polish on Paper)

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