Artists or the Year

Drawings from Pip's Youth

An excerpt from Colfax Chronicle, December 2011 naming Lacey Stinson with Debra Faircloth Artists of the Year for their combined effort in the illustrated book If I were a Cat for an Hour. “Although we intended If I Were a Cat to be a children’s book,” said the artist, “many of the people who’ve purchased it are cat lovers. They’ve bought it for the art.” The creation of If I Were a Cat was not only an imaginative exercise in storytelling; it also provided an opportunity for Stinson to practice what he does best, to create expressive drawings in the fine art tradition. Reflective of considerable skill and anatomical knowledge, all of the drawings come solely from the imagination of the artist and are characterized by challenging foreshortened perspectives. The original drawings which make up the book were shown at d.o.c.s. Gallery in New Orleans, and at the Schepis Museum in Columbia, January and February, 2012. Faircloth and Stinson involved local students in writing and drawing projects while their pieces were on display. “We want to use If I Were a Cat as an opportunity to jump-start creative impulses in children,” said Stinson. “Writing and drawing are invaluable resources they can tap into for the rest of their lives.”

These are drawings and studies for a children's book, Doodles, that Louisiana author Debra Faircloth wrote and I illustrated.

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